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Sometimes a deck is seen as just an add-on to the backyard. With outstanding deck designs, your outdoor space can be much more than that.  Whether made from composite, wood, or vinyl decking, a well-designed decking space can become an outdoor room, extending the space of your house and adding to your home's value.

What to Consider in Deck Design?

Good deck designs require careful consideration of your home and yard.  Here are some things that Klassic Custom Decks carefully considers:

  • Entrance on to the deck from your home should be integrated smoothly.
  • Size of deck should accommodate the landscaping, trees, AC units, and shape of your lot.
  • Good design will accentuate advantages of your lot, such as great views, and minimize disadvantages.
  • Style of deck should match your home style and personal taste.

What Styles of Deck Designs?

Your deck will be custom designed to fit your budget and home.  Some of the more popular current deck designs are:

  • Contemporary: uses composite or vinyl and has simple, sleek designs with clean, basic lines.
  • Colonial: If your home is more classical, you may prefer a Colonial design with symmetrical lines, molded railings and post caps.  Often these designs have planter boxes, benches and pergolas built in.
  • Traditional: Using unusual shapes like octagons and route red rail caps makes a more traditional style design that is more decorative.
  • Mountain: With heavy timbers to frame log cabin type railings, these decks are more massive and stronger than other types.  Particularly appropriate for areas that overlook nature.

Custom Design You Can Trust

Your home is not like anyone else's and with Klassic Custom Decks, you will get a personal and original touch to make sure your new outdoor space will have a unique deck that enhances your home.  Whatever type design you choose, we will work within your budget to deliver excellent quality at a reasonable price.  We offer a variety of decks for every budget and style:

Let us design a deck that will make your outdoors a relaxing retreat!




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