Pergolas Create a Professional Look to Your Garden

Pergolas Cleveland Ohio

Add style to your garden by including a pergola as an extension of a structure or as a free-standing focal point in your backyard space.

pergola cleveland ohioKnown from ancient times and popular in Renaissance gardens, pergolas are a garden feature with posts that support crossbeams and open lattice on top.  Providing shade and a place to rest, pergolas often also add aesthetic beauty to a garden by having woody vines or roses growing up their posts, with flowers trailing down through the lattice above.

Advantages to Adding a Pergola 

  • Build on a deck, free-standing, nestled in a garden space or along the cross-section of garden paths.
  • Can be designed to fit any garden space, large or small.
  • May be attached or lead to your backyard patio, porch or gazebo.
  • With vines trailing around them, pergolas can be outdoor private spaces that create outdoor rooms.
  • With a bench underneath, a pergola provides a restive place to contemplate the outdoors, shaded from the sun.
  • Less expensive than a larger gazebo, a small pergola can serve as a garden highlight

Design Features 

These versatile structures can be easily placed in many garden areas as a place to rest by a hot tub, or as the entrance to a vegetable or flower garden.  Many different looks can be achieved to match your personal style, including:

  • White painted pergola in a classic style with red or pink roses on top.
  • Rustic natural wood pergola stained to match your house.
  • Durable composite pergola  painted in your home's colors and designed to take the weather with little maintenance.

However you want your pergola to look, our designers will treat your project as if it was being done for a design show on television.  We want your pergola to be your favorite place to rest on a hot afternoon.

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